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Oklahoma: Black Mesa Summit

I know, I talked about Kansas last week and immediately turned around and talked about a different state. This trail is a couple hours drive from where we stayed in Kansas and I have been wanting to hike Black Mesa for a while. Black Mesa Summit is the highest point in the state of Oklahoma

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Nebraska Road Trip: Twelve Hours Due North

Yes, the title is mostly correct from our house Texas to Thedford, NE is almost due north with one turn that takes you slightly northwest. No, we did not make this drive all in one day either direction. On the way there we stayed the night with friends in Oklahoma and stayed up way too

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Weekend Wanderings: To Kansas

Keltin and I recently made a weekend trip up to Kansas for a good friend’s wedding. The wedding was beautiful and the reception was a blast. On the drive up I insisted that we stop to take pictures if we saw anything neat. Well, not 5 minutes later we came across these old buildings and

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