Study Abroad: Florence: Arrival: Summer 2012


Back to Italy we go. On the road from Rome to Florence in the Tuscany region.

ISA bused us from Rome to Italy. I guess it was faster than the trains and they could control arrival and departure times. The drive through Italy was beautiful. Green and lush and just waiting to be explored. I highly suggest visiting Italy. I want to go back

Most of the students with on the Summer 2 sessions were staying in apartments. But myself and two other girls were doing homestay. Note, if you study abroad, do the homestay because they feed you and they will tell you all the good places to visit. Two of us stayed in one home near Santa Croce and the other stayed with a lady on the other side of Florence.

When we arrived our host mom met us and took us home. Her home was a second floor apartment. Both she and my roommate were impressed that I could actually carry my heavy bag up the stairs rather than drag it. In truth, it was difficult but I dislike the sound of the bag hitting each step. The room we stayed in was simple, two twin beds and an armoire as a closet. There was a small bathroom off in the corner. That room was my home for a time when I wasn’t out exploring.

That night my roommate, Kody, and I went out for dinner. It was one of the few times we didn’t meet up with our other friends. Everyone was still getting settled in and so she and I ventured around on our own. I don’t remember where we stopped to eat dinner that night but we made friends with the waiter and he gave us shots of limoncello. It was a good night and a fun start to our stay in Florence.

Have you ever visited Florence? What was your first impression? Have a great Wednesday!

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      1. Yep, I’m ready to go back as well. We were there for a friends’ wedding, and she now lives there. So we have a reason to go back. We’re planning for next fall and taking our boys with us this time. I can’t wait. 😊

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