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Rocky Mountains: Maroon Bells

If you watched my author interview earlier this week with Aspen author, Jill Sheeley, you probably heard us talking about the Maroon Bells. She mentioned that these are probably some of the most visited and photographed mountains in the state of Colorado. The Maroon Bells are 14ers and according to the information from the shores

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Weekend Wanderings: To Kansas

Keltin and I recently made a weekend trip up to Kansas for a good friend’s wedding. The wedding was beautiful and the reception was a blast. On the drive up I insisted that we stop to take pictures if we saw anything neat. Well, not 5 minutes later we came across these old buildings and

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Study Abroad: Florence: Arrival: Summer 2012

Back to Italy we go. On the road from Rome to Florence in the Tuscany region. ISA bused us from Rome to Italy. I guess it was faster than the trains and they could control arrival and departure times. The drive through Italy was beautiful. Green and lush and just waiting to be explored. I

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