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China: Three Gorges Dam: Visitor Center: March 2016

Per last post, we went through the lock gates of the Three Gorges Dam at night. From there we traveled a short ways down the river to a port city, and I cannot remember the name of said city. The next morning we were bused over to the dam visitor center and observation area. To

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China: Three Gorges Dam: Lock System: March 2016

Our last major excursion on the Yangtze was the Three Gorges Dam. A few facts first about the Three Gorges Dam before I tell my story. The building of this dam displaced over a million people and flooded villages, towns and cities. Covering homes and industrial buildings in millions of gallons of water. I spoke

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China: Goddess Stream: March 2016

Our second excursions on our trip down the Yangtze was along a tributary. We traveled in little wooden boats with yellow roofs. The windows were on a track and were easy to open but it was a chilly day. The windows were opened for pictures but they didn’t stay that way.  Before the Three Gorges

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