Colorado: Exploring Creede


After visiting Chimney Rock and lunch at Pagosa Brewing we made our way up to Creede for the rest of the day to explore the little mountain town. Our visit to Creede was similar to that of Silverton. We were there late in the season, there were few tourists, and the days were getting cooler.

I know we visited to late in the season and too late in the day because both the museums were closed. Despite that we had a great time just wondering and taking photos. The whole time is in a deep valley, beautiful and almost intimidating.

We wondered through a park and were confused and intrigued by mining equipment and the giant boulders with a large number of holes. So we asked about it in one of the shops and during the July 4th celebrations every year they have mining completions both with hand tools and more modern equipment.

We wandered into a shop called the Wild Beaver Mountain Man Emporium and the woman running the shop said my favorite thing about the little town:

Creede is an open air asylum.”

While isn’t true I think I enjoyed visiting the town so much because it was unashamed to be its own quirky self. I would love to go back when the museums are open and learn more about the history of this town.

I’m a bit of a Jurassic Park nerd and I loved this van.
Shed near the Mining Museum.

Creede even has a research library and photo archives in a log cabin! If you can I suggest visiting this wonderfully quirky little town. It might surprise you as much as it did me. Happy travels!

Thank you KW Photography for allowing me to use your wonderful photos!


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  1. I’ve never been to Colorado, but this reminds me of some of the crazy road trips to California ghost towns my dad would take me on when I would visit him during summer school breaks. Love the shed with the ice skates :))

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