Introduction: Central Kansas


The weekend of the 4th of July we took off a couple of days early to visit some family in Central Kansas and explore the a lot of what the region has to offer – if not nearly all.

Main Street Marquette, Kansas

Most consider Kansas a fly over state but there is so much history here and it is worth exploring. Some of these places are out of the way and take time to get to where as other maybe just around the corner.

Sword in the Stone Sterling, Kansas

Explore central Kansas with me over the coming weeks. I want to know something also, what hidden gems are near where you live?

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Thank you KW Photography for allowing me to use your wonderful photos!

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  1. I’m from the Washington State and I love the mountains, forests and water, water everywhere here. But when we did a cross country trip some years ago, one of the states I wanted to see was Kansas! Just because it was different and also because of the intrigue created by the Wizard of Oz. Suffice it to say I loved my time there – heat and all – and have many fond memories of our visit. It was very much as I expected, but there was many surprises too like our visit to Old Town, Wichita and the Cosmosphere in Hutchinson. 🙂

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  2. Never thought of Kansas of somewhere to visit but it sounds interesting so looking forward to your next few posts all about it. Not all Wizard of Oz I assume.

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