Close to Home: Exploring Dallas


Way back in 2019 and early 2020 I started a series called on here called Close to Home to encourage myself and others to visit those places that are near where we live but have never visited. I have visited the places in the below video before but there is one thing to telling people about them and another to showing them.

I really love talking to people and the people that sell at markets are really passionate about what they do and are wonderful to talk to. Some of these vendors even allowed me to interview them for this video. None of this is sponsored and I did support them before asking.

Close to Home Series

I hope that you enjoyed this video and that you enjoy local places near you. If you are interested in more Dallas videos let me knowWhat places near you could you visit but haven’t? Let me know in the comments! Safe travels.

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5 comments on “Close to Home: Exploring Dallas”

    1. Thank you! I’m working to make sure to provide good information in my videos. Some of them take a lot of research.

      I do get a little nervous, asking people to talk about their businesses, but I always make sure to support them before I ask for any interviews.


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