Foodie Friday: Tex Select Farms Grab Box: Herbs, Dressing Recipes, and More

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As you tell from past posts, I really enjoy farmer’s markets. But the Dallas Farmers Market is too far away for me to visit every weekend. One of my favorite markets is the Clearfork Farmers Market in Fort Worth. It is much smaller than Dallas but you get to know the vendors well. One of our favorites is TexSelect Farms. They grow microgreens, herbs, and different types of leafy greens.

The last time we visited they had a grab box. For $20 we got:

  • A pound of heirloom lettuce (Red Cherokee, Buttercrunch, and Tropicana)
  • Bundle of Astro Arugula
  • Bundle of Staro Chives
  • Bunch of Oregano and Marjoram herbs
  • Microgreens: Amaranth, Bull’s Blood Beets, and Cilantro
  • Two salad dressing/marinade recipes

I also bought fresh winter thyme. The microgreens I have used on everything from Egg-in-a-Hole, both breakfast and dinner tacos, and sandwiches.

One of the recipes was a Fresh Lime-Cilantro Dressing that calls for the cilantro microgreens that were in the grab box. This is a nice light, bright, refreshing dressing that I’m also going to try as a chicken marinade this week. We used it on salads all weekend.  

The second recipe is my favorite and definitely one that I will make again; it is a Fresh Creamy Herb Dressing. This recipe calls for the Oregano, Marjoram, and Chives from the box. I also added some of the thyme. Instead of using this on a salad though I used it on pan seared salmon on a bed of quinoa with a side of garlic sauteed asparagus. The meal as a whole was light, tangy, and filling.

The box was completely worth it, my boyfriend and I are still have greens to go through even after eating on them for a week. If you are ever in Fort Worth check out the Clearfork Farmers Market. If you want more information on the recipes you can get that information here.

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