Weekend Wanderings: The Dallas Farmers Market

My latest visit to the Dalles Farmers Market. Click to read more.


When I was growing up my family and I would make just a few trips a year to the Dallas Farmers Market. This is when they still had three barns and the parking was awful. We loved it. For the next week afterwards we would eat giant fresh beefsteak tomatoes. My parents love tomatoes.  

The Dallas Farmers Market has changed a bit since then. The original barns are gone; now there is the Market building and The Shed. The type of vendors has changed also; there are more artisans than there used to be. I love the farmer’s market because the people take pride in their work: what they grow and what they make. They are doing what they love and want to share that love with everyone that they meet.

A couple weekends ago I actually had the opportunity to get down to the Dallas Farmers Market again with my sister, Emily. It was the start of our girls day. Normally when going to a farmer’s market I bring my dog, Bear, but due to other things we had planned for after the market I couldn’t bring him this trip. I did have the Canon though and was able to get some great shots and was pleasantly surprised at how many vendors were happy to have me take pictures of their products. Most of them gave me their cards too so that when I posted them on Instagram I could tag their page – which I was more than happy to do.  

My rules when I go to this particular market are: go early, don’t eat breakfast beforehand, and make a lap before buying anything. Parking can still be crazy so that’s why I go early. There are so many unique vendors that serve excellent food that eating beforehand might save you money but your taste buds will be missing out. One of my favorite vendors sells this glorious deep fried chicken sausage in a hotdog bun topped with mashed potatoes and brown gravy with a garnish of green onions. Unfortunately, this vendor was not there on my last visit so I don’t have the company name or a picture. The first time I tried this glorious mix of flavors I did not, to my shame, take a picture of it. To be honest, I was too busy stuffing my face.

I have learned my lesson though! When I went to the market with Emily I took pictures of everything. Granted what I ended up with for breakfast was too pretty not to take a picture of. My breakfast was a slightly toasted Unicorn ‘Wich: rainbow challah, mascarpone cheese, orange marmalade, cookie crumbles, and to top it off, rainbow sprinkles. On to my third rule at the market: make a lap before buying anything. I typically go with a list of things that I need or want at the farmer’s market and making a lap allows me to see which vendors are there that day and who has what on my list. Also, you can often try samples and maybe find that you enjoy something new.

The Dallas Farmer’s Market is always crazy but it is growing and I love seeing the vendors and what they have to share.

The produce was sold by Braga Farms.

The rainbow challah was made by Texas Wildflower Desserts and the actual Unicorn ‘Wich was by Eat Croquette.

Unfortunately I don’t remember who made the wonder Nutella and strawberry waffle that Emily had for breakfast.

All pictures were taken and edited by myself.


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