Weekend Wanderings: Home for the Holidays: Part III: Kansas


One of the big events during my visit to Kansas was a trip to Cimarron, KS for a belated Christmas with Keltin’s paternal side of the family. I don’t know if any of you have met a large number of your significant other’s relatives all at once but it is a bit overwhelming, even if they are all super sweet. Also, I’m terrible at remembering names, so even though I’d been given a crash course on who was who on the drive over it was still a bit intimidating.

Something that made things easier and funnier was that many people brought their dogs, us included. All the fur babies wandered around looking for attention and food, including Bear and Dawson. Dawson is a corgi that Keltin’s parent’s rescued. The day was wonderful full of fantastic new people and good food. 

The next day was New Years Eve and our last full day in Kansas. Neither Keltin nor I were ready for the visit to be over. The day was spent relaxing, reading, and chatting. Keltin’s mom and I tried out the Lavender Hot Coco recipe from the cookbook I’d gotten her. We also made homemade powdered laundry detergent. I won’t have to buy any for a long time now.

Midnight was nothing wild but there was champagne and I did get a new year kiss. We scared Bear with the noise makers. My dog is adorable but not the bravest. Soon after we were off to bed because there was an eight hour drive before Keltin and I the next morning. When we go on long road trips we love to admire the landscapes that stretch out before us. And if the road allows for we will stop for a moment just to take pictures of the scenery. We did that a couple of times on the way back home. We know that pictures can never compare to the reality of the beauty that caused us to stop but that doesn’t stop us from trying.

I’d love to know how your holidays were and what the fun or different things that you do on road trips. Happy travels!

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