Study Abroad: Cinque Terre: Signs, Art, and Graffiti

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One of the random things that I tend to take notice of are signs and street art or in this case graffiti. Walking along the Via dell Amore there is quite a bit of graffiti. Part of me thinks that it adds to the experience and part of me is upset that people think it is alright just to paint and write all over things. To clarify, I really like actual street art but this random writing? That I’m not a fan of.

I’m not sure why there is a Beatles memorabilia sign on the Via dell Amore
Street musician plying near graffiti.
Young love.
Couples put a lock on this wall an trow away the key.
I find the image on this sign to be a bit… odd.
Wall mural in Riomaggiore.

What do you think of street art and graffiti?

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