Ireland: Exploring Cork

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In most of the Irish cities we visited we had at least a day and a half to explore. Not so for Cork, we had an evening and a morning. Despite this we had a good time. For this trip we had a rental car, cars are a pain in big cities, so, early in the trip Keltin and I had agreed that while in the busy cities we would park the car and walk or taxi everywhere. We managed to arrive in Cork at rush hour and the street in front of our hotel was bumper to bumper traffic. I got out and checked us in before figuring out where to park.

We stayed at the Hotel Isaacs Cork. This was a fantastic place to stay but if you have a rental car you have to reserve a parking spot for your stay. Somehow I managed to do this online but if you have any questions, email the hotel and check. This was the only place we had to pre-reserve a spot. Note: we did have to pay for parking in the big cities.

I had done some quick research but we didn’t really have a plan for Cork. We just explored. There was lots of wonderful street art and along with a few war memorials. A bit of history along with some fabulous architecture.

On our only morning in Cork we decided to stop by the English Market. The Market reminded me a lot of Pike Place Market in Seattle but with fewer artisans and many more butchers. It was wonderful to walk through and some of the stalls had flowers and others had so many different types of olives. If I lived in Cork, I would spend more money than is good for me getting all the fresh foods.

Our time in Cork was way to brief and there are plenty of things that I would do if we go back. One of those would be visiting Blarney Castle and possibly kissing the Blarney Stone. To be honest, we decided that kissing a stone post a world-wide pandemic was not a good move and opted out this trip. Have you been to Cork? If so, what did you think? Let me know in the comments. Leave no trace and safe travels!

Thank you KW Photography for allowing me to use your wonderful photos!

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