Nebraska: Kinkaider Brewing Co.

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While visiting Keltin’s brother on our way home we stopped for some local beer at Kinkaider Brewing. This is a great brewery that was started in Omaha, NE. We visited the Grand Island location. The food was just as good as the beer.

Our Beer Flight:

  • Devil’s Gap Jalapeno Ale (ABV 4.7%) – I’m not a huge fan of jalapeno or chili beer but this one wasn’t bad.
  • Snozzberry Sour (ABV 5.1%) – If a wine drinker wanted to try a beer, I’d suggest this one. A bit tart and not too heavy.
  • Boombox Lager – This was a nice basic lager that would be good for anyone unsure what to order.
  • Herdlaw Blackberry Wheat Ale – This had a nice fruity undertone but wasn’t sour. It was a bit like drinking what summer tastes like.
  • Oktoberfest (ABV 5.5%) – From their site, ” this fresh pale lager has a strong malt backbone and a clean finish.”

One of my favorite things about Grand Island, besides the local beer, was all the street art of wings. These little paintings seemed to be everywhere and no two seemed to be alike. Some of them were not small either. These three were near enough to the brewery that I couple capture them, like local butterflies.

This was a short visit to a small city but there are always interesting things to see and experience. What is your favorite local beer? Let me know in the comments. Remember to leave no trace and safe travels!

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