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Foodie Friday: Pan-Seared Dill Salmon

I came across this recipe from another blog that I follow and decided to try it. Fantastic recipe, here is the original post. My boyfriend and I have been eating a decent bit of salmon trying to be healthier. This recipe also includes capers and he absolutely loves them. My version of the recipe uses

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Foodie Friday: Dill-Chive Butter

I have not done much cooking with fresh dill but the little bit I have done has been quite flavorful (it was called for to garnish a fish dish). In the last TexSelect Farms Grab Box there was fresh dill. To be a bit different I decided to mix the dill with chives in butter

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Foodie Friday: Pistachio Gremolata with Seared Salmon

I made this recipe a few weeks ago when my boyfriends parents were in town. I found it in a cookbook for cooking with fresh herbs. This recipe came out perfectly. It was fresh, lite, and a great start to spring. This recipe is fairly each but making the gremolata is a little time consuming

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