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Paperback Perils: Circe

Title: Circe Author: Madeline Miller Publication Date: 2018 Publishing House: Bloomsbury Publishing Last week I finished both Circe and The Woman in the Window. I enjoyed them both in their own ways but of the two Circe was my favorite. Of course they are in two separate genres and I can’t really compare the two.… Continue reading Paperback Perils: Circe

Paperback Perils

Paperback Perils: Current Reading

I have not finished a new book this week but I am reading a couple and wanted to share. Yes, I am aware how different the two books below are.  Circe By: Madeline Miller I freaking love this book. If I didn’t have to sleep and work I would be done with it by now.… Continue reading Paperback Perils: Current Reading

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Weekend Wanderings: Resolutions

We are already in May of 2018, how time flies. Here is a question for you: how are you keeping up with your new years resolution? Did it last the month of January? Maybe your resolution is still going strong. I had two new years resolution: Read two books a month Workout three times a… Continue reading Weekend Wanderings: Resolutions

Paperback Perils

Paperback Perils: May Reading List

Hey all, hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. I know we are already halfway through May but I wanted to share with you what I am reading this month. Moonglow By: Michael Chabon My boyfriend, Keltin, had heard of this book and we happened across it on one of our book forays. He loved it… Continue reading Paperback Perils: May Reading List

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Paperback Perils: Half Price Books Sale

I am still working on finishing A Gathering of Shadows by V.E. Schwab. So I thought you all might like to see my newest acquisitions. I am the type of person that buys more books despite the fact that I have a to-read bookshelf already. As you learned in Saturday’s post a good sale can… Continue reading Paperback Perils: Half Price Books Sale

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Paperback Perils: April Reading List

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Easter. I had a wonderful birthday (no, it’s not an April fools joke, my birthday is April 1st). I have found that I enjoy doing these reading list posts. Without further ado: The Slow Regard for Silent Things By: Patrick Rothfuss This is a short companion novella in… Continue reading Paperback Perils: April Reading List

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Paperback Perils: The City of Brass

Title: The City of Brass Author: S.A. Chakraborty Publication Date: 2017 Publishing House: HarperCollins Publishers Add this book to your to read list. Chakraborty does an excellent job of creating an enthralling world and complex characters. I read this book in about three days, could not put it down. I will warn you though, this… Continue reading Paperback Perils: The City of Brass

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Paperback Perils: March Reading List

It has been a while since I have posted books on my to read list and I figured that it was time to do another one. There are two books, at the moment, on my March list. The City of Brass By: S.A. Chakraborty This is actually my December Book of the Month book. I’m… Continue reading Paperback Perils: March Reading List