Nebraska Road Trip: Twelve Hours Due North

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Yes, the title is mostly correct from our house Texas to Thedford, NE is almost due north with one turn that takes you slightly northwest. No, we did not make this drive all in one day either direction. On the way there we stayed the night with friends in Oklahoma and stayed up way too late talking. To help combat our late night our friend directed us to her favorite coffee shop and we stopped by on the way out of town. Beanstalk Coffee has a wonderful London Fog Latte. They don’t let the tea brew too long and cause it to get burned and bitter. Instead, theirs is just right. Also, the lemon-blueberry muffin was large and tasty. From Oklahoma we headed north, first to Kansas.

I started this trips live tweets rather late into the drive. We had already driven through Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas. There wasn’t a whole lot to tweet about besides cultivated fields. I’ve talked before about Road Trip Entertainment but Keltin and I tend to spend most of the time talking. It helps to make sure that whoever is driving stays awake and you don’t miss the scenery flashing past the windows. We do on occasion listen to podcasts on long drives, the most memorable being Last Podcast on the Lefts six part Kennedy Assassinations episodes. It was so good we had to pull over when we had service to look at the pictures that are use in many Kennedy Assassinations conspiracies.

We have driven through a lot of open country this year, through low rolling hills and open plains with nothing but grass and cattle, oil wells and train tracks. The scene lonely and beautiful; a quiet land that can inspire as the wind rolls over the fields creating rippling waves. This land has it’s own magic that is found in untouched nature and the stars.

I know I skipped No. 3 – it is coming.

This was a long drive but it was beautiful, even if I was griping about all the cornfields we drove past. The sand hills thought are worth it. Remember to leave no trace and safe travels.

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