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Food Friday: Couscous Salad

I considered posting something lovey today for Valentines but decided that there are enough red and pink hearts spamming the internet today. Instead you get a new recipe. Keltin and I don’t always manage to eat healthy (possibly because baking is fun and tasty) but I am a firm believer that healthy food can taste

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Foodie Friday: Micro-Green Omelet

Last week I looked at using micro-greens in pesto. But they are quite tasty in a number of other things too – one of those being omelets. I will admit that this recipe was partly inspired by the fact that I bought two-dozen eggs at the farmer’s market. We aren’t vegan or vegetarian but we

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Foodie Friday: Micro-Green Pesto

Pesto is always a great summer sauce, light and flavorful and full of greens. I’ve posted other fun pesto recipes on my blog in the past such as Arugula-Lavender and Mint-Arugula. But I started out making a slightly more traditional pesto with basil when I first started making pesto. I fell in love with the

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