Weekend Wanderings: Grapevine Botanical Gardens


Texas is seriously hot in the summer. This year the heat was up to 109-110℉ during the hottest part of the day and it was still over 100℉ after 8 o’clock PM some days. However, if you woke up early enough then you could enjoy the relatively cool 80℉ mornings. On a bright but nice Sunday morning my boyfriend and I headed to the Grapevine Botanical Gardensimg_2475

Small but beautiful and quiet. Just a few people walking their dogs and a couple taking photos with a professional photographer. The flowers were bright and the coy in the ponds brighter, shining yellow-gold, fiery-orange, and silver-white as they lazily swam in and out of the shadows.img_2484

It was nice to wander among the trees listening to the bubbling fountains. A bee came over to investigate us. Buzzing around and landing on the camera before flying back off to her hive. Keltin and I had fun, taking pictures and exploring the area. Being in nature always brings a smile to my face.img_2479

Where do you go to relax for a moment and escape from the day-to-day? Have a great weekend. img_2544

The last photo was taken by Keltin – KW Photography.

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