Foodie Friday: Mint-Arugula Pesto


So I found a variant of this recipe, made it, the pesto is wonderful. However, I’m not 100% sure what to do with it to tell the truth. Although I did figure out that it was a bad idea to try and cook it at all. So if you do use this recipe toss it on your dish at room temperature. Also, I learned while making this pesto that I really love Manchego cheese and so does my dog. It is a sheep cheese from Spain. I actually got my greens from TexSelect Farms.  

Anyway, time for the recipe.



  1. Combine mint, arugula, hazelnuts, salt, and oil in food processor. Mix until almost smooth. If you prefer a different consistency to your pesto add more or less oil.
  2. Add cheese to food processor. Mix until smooth.

From here you can do two different things:

  1. Use immediately
  2. Save for later use.

My preferred method for saving pesto is to freeze it in an ice cube tray and move it to a bag in the freezer once solid.  When you are ready to use it, pull out the desired number of cubes and let them defrost in a bowl before use.img_1098

I hope you all enjoy this recipe. Let me know what you use it on and I’ll update all of you when I figure it out myself. Have a fantastic Friday and a wonderful weekend!

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