Paperback Perils: December Reading List

My December Reading List!

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Normally I don’t have a reading list but since I started doing book reviews I learned that I need a semblance of one. Here are a couple of the books that I plan on reading this December. First off, I’m currently reading Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo and currently loving the book. This is the follow up book to Six of Crows

One of the the books on my December list is A Wise Man’s Fear by Patrick Rothfuss. This is the second book in the Kingkiller Chronicle after The Name of the Wind. I will admit that I am anxious to read the next chapter in the story of Kvothe.

The other book on my December reading list is one that I’ve actually read part of but didn’t finish. It is called The Disaster Artist: My Life Inside The Room, the Greatest Bad Movie Ever Made by Greg Sestero. This book is a memoir by the supporting actor in The Room. The Room is a movie so bad that it has a following. If you have never seen it I highly suggest watching it alone and then introducing someone else to the movie so that you can laugh at their facial expressions as they try to make sense of this disaster of a movie.

The James Franco is actually portraying the main actor and director of The Room, Tommy Wiseau, in this year’s release of the movie The Disaster Artist. Thus with the release of the movie I figured that I needed to finish the book. I have watched The Room several times, the funniest time was when close friends of ours I introduced my boyfriend. Now every time The Room or The Disaster Artist is brought up he responds with this:

Anyway, I’d love to know what is on your reading list for December. If you are interested in checking out new books try Book of the Month. Happy reading!

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