Weekend Wanderings: The Texas Renaissance Festival

The Texas Renaissance Festival near Houston is an adventure for sure!


I love renaissance festivals and for me going is a biannual trip. In the spring I visit the Scarborough Renaissance Festival in Waxahachie, TX and in the fall I go to The Texas Renaissance Festival in Plantersville, TX near Houston. No matter which you go to, it is a great time. There are many other renaissance festivals these two are just the most convenient for my family and I to visit.  

These events are a great time. In my family, I’m the only one that goes in costume but at the festival, I’m not alone. Actually, my level of costume is weak compared to the level of skill and the amount of time that many cosplayers and steampunk fans will put into their costumes. One of my best friends wears a wig and a corset as part of her costume. Ren fests are a chance to escape in a way. You go in costume and for a day you are in a different world.

When we go we drink and eat, we people watch, and we laugh at shows. For Brooke’s boyfriend, this was his first ren fest experience. I think he was surprised how much he enjoyed it. Brooke loves to eat at the faire, and in all honesty what carnivore can resist those delicious turkey legs? Keltin this year took the canon and we would wander away at times, drawn away by the laughter of a crowd or music. He did manage to get some pretty good pictures.

One of the acts that caught our attention was a music group called Saxon Moon. I really liked the music, Keltin was excited that one of the performers was playing with fire. Along with being drawn in by music and the wonderful scents of food, we always like to look at the costume clothing for sale. Most of it is out of my price range but this year I found an outfit that I just couldn’t pass up. Up until this point my costumes have just been pieces that I assembled from my closet but I finally bought one this year from Alli Designs. I’m super excited about it because it is the perfect outfit that will allow me to add other accent pieces.

Because who doesn’t love playing with fire?

My new outfit from Alli Designs!

Ren fests also, are a great chance to find a little bit of your inner child. Brooke and I love getting our faces painted.

Besides eating all day and exploring the sights while working on a buzz we almost always watch the Mud Show. I remember watching this show when I was little with my dad. It definitely has some raunchy moments but compared to some of the other more adult shows it is tame. There are a wide variety of shows from Birds of Prey to jousting to lude but hilarious poetry to glass blowing. If you haven’t visited a renaissance festival I highly recommend checking one out. If you have been to one, I’d love to hear about your experiences.

In addition to people dress similarly to me we also saw:

  • Batman
  • A Centaur
  • A Satyr
  • Winifred Sanderson (below)

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