Texas Hill Country: Getaway Cabin Review


For this trip we stayed in a Getaway Cabin, these are tiny cabins meant to help you recharge and it was a perfect escape. A place to read and write and catch up on sleep. A place to actually enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning and not just down it as fuel for the day.

No tv, very little cell service, even a cell phone lock box to help escape the pull of technology. To take a moment to recharge and relax. Roast s’mores over the fire, a place where you could actually see the stars. These cabins are perfect for introverts as well as people that want escape the daily grind. I say this because unless there is an emergency guest have no direct interaction with staff. Everything is done over email and text and to get into the cabin all you need is a key code.

The cabin is mainly just one big room with a bed and kitchenette along with a small bathroom (that does have a door). The cabin has most everything you need to relax, from a radio with a list of local stations to a selection of books. We particularly enjoyed the book on card games and are still playing one we learned on the trip, cribbage.

The kitchenette has everything you need to cook with from pots and pants to a kettle. There is a mini fridge and they do have some easy to make food available for purchase along with coffee. We brought most of our own food but took advantage of the pour over coffee they had available.

S’mores kit!

We did purchase a couple of the little kits they had available, I got one on watercolor painting and Keltin was supposed to have a cross-stitch kit. Unfortunately that one was out of stock but we were refunded and they provided a s’mores kit instead.

Watercolor painting kit

We really enjoyed our Getaway cabin and will defiantly stay with them again. If you would like to book a Getaway use this link for $25 off. Happy travels!

Thank you KW Photography for allowing me to use your wonderful photos!

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