Study Abroad: Piazza della Signoria: Summer 2012


Warning: Nude Statues

When studying abroad in Florence as a very young adult I was actually kind of embarrassed at first with all of the nude statues. I no longer am, after the first couple of days of seeing nude art all the embarrassment fades. The pieces below are standing in the Piazza della Signoria in Florence, Italy. I spent a good bit of time hanging out in this piazza with friends I made while studying abroad.

This piazza has experienced much of the politics of Florence throughout the centuries. The Palazzo Vecchio is a symbol of civic power in Florence and construction on it began in 1299. If you ever get the chance I highly suggest visiting.

Cosimo l de Medici by Giambologna

Fontana del Nettuno by Ammannati
Replica David by Michelangelo

Hercules and Cacus  by Bandinelli

If you have been to Florence what did you think of Piazza della Signoria? I thought it beautiful, full of history, energy, and beauty. There is more art in the piazza but it is associated with the Loggia dei Lanzi and I want to explore that later. Have a great rest of your week and safe travels!

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