Gear Review: Hammocks


During our recent down time I have been stocking up on gear. In addition to trekking poles Keltin and I picked up a couple of hammocks from Madera Outdoors. These are the kind meant to sting up and relax in at the park, maybe nap for a bit in the sun with a nice breeze. These hammocks are easy to set up and put away as they come with their own stuff sacks attached to them for easy storage.

I love the design and the feel of the hammock. You can tell that it’s made of high-quality materials. I feel safe in my little cocoon. Plus the design is great!

– Keltin

Part of the reason that I chose to buy from Madera is because for every hammock purchase they plant two trees because hammocks need trees. If you are looking for a well priced hammock to relax in on a summer day check out Madera Outdoors.

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  1. That hammock looks great and you do so well to semi-sit up and read in it. I usually fall asleep with the comfortable rocking motion and do well not to fall out. So relaxing though aren’t they?

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