Study Abroad: Piazzale Michelangelo: Summer 2012


Piazzale Michelangelo was probably one of my favorite places in Florence. There is something magical about seeing all of Florence laid out before you. With the tops of various cathedrals popping up over the city like old guards standing resolute in their watch.

The Piazzale is a decent walk up and I was actually there the first time on the general tour that I took that was set up by my study abroad program. My friends and I walked up there on one of our various night time explorations of the city and other time we decided to rent segways (without a guide) and went up. That was actually really fun until the battery died on our friend’s segway and it was a slow walk back.

Thankfully I have learned how to be a better subject in photos since my early college days.

Of course in a place named after Michelangelo there is a David statue. Yes, it is another replica but it is neat to see one made in something other than stone.

David replica

One of my favorite things about the view from this spot was the river, Arno, and the sight of the famous Ponte Vecchio bridge. I know that thousands, if not millions have seen the same view but that does not lessen the majesty or beauty of it. And Florence is such an important city in Italian history and during the Renaissance that it make me wonder what people that I’ve only read about might have looked down on Florence, their home, from the same spot.

Ponte Vecchio

Have you been to Florence? Have you seen the city from the Piazzale Michelangelo? Happy travels.

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