Foodie Friday: Kitchen Knife Skills


Recently I started taking some cooking classes at Sur La Table. This latest one was a bit different though. Instead of going in a cooking a themed dish we learned how to properly use a Chef’s Knife.

Safety in the kitchen should be a pretty high priority and this class was great for that because we learned how to hold the knife correctly and out fingers correctly along with tips on how to keep accidents from happening.

Keltin and I really enjoy this class because due to cancellations we had a private class. Just the two of us and the chef. Along with teaching us how to use a knife he taught us about the difference in blade make. Mainly between German and Japanese knifes. There are differences in the steal, in the handle and tang, all the way down to how the blades are sharpened.

We then learned how these differences effect the cuts and how some knifes are better at handling specific cuts. Now did we learn everything possible about knives in one class? No but I learned skills that I have since used at home and that allow me to be a better and safer cook.

If you enjoy cooking and suggest taking this class. It is informative and useful.

This is not a paid review, these are my honest opinions.

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