Paperback Perils: Furies of Calderon


Title: Furies of Calderon
Author: Jim Butcher
Publication Date: 2004
Publishing House: Ace Books

As you can possibly tell from this post, I enjoy reading books by Jim Butcher. Besides the Dresden Files he has written The Codex Alera and started another sort of steampunkish with ships series but we will discuss that one in another post. 

The Codex Alera is six books and the best part about this series that they are all published, no waiting around for the next one. Joking aside I love this series and actually listened to this as an audiobook and plan to listen to the rest but I have to wait until the next one is available from the library. Support your local library, they are wonderful places.

This book at heart is about doing what is right. Full of different motivations and loyalties the characters both good and bad do what they think is necessary for themselves and their people’s survival. Now, some of these motivations and resulting actions are messed up, some are not good actions but the motivations behind them are sound, and the other actions are the ones we cheer for.

Tavi is the main character in this book but so many of the other characters don’t really have “minor” rolls, they are just as important to the movement of the story. Some thing else that I like about this book -*WARNING SLIGHT SPOILERS*- is that thought the good guys win, its not a complete victory, there is much that they lose too.

I highly suggest this series if you are a fan of fantasy, books that use Rome as an influence, magic, and underdog stories. If you have read this series, I’d love to know your thoughts about it.

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