Study Abroad: Accademia Gallery: Summer 2012


When you get the chance to visit Florence, Italy there are many, many museums and galleries housing priceless art. No matter what visit the Accademia Gallery. This is where Michelangelo’s David stands. I know there are other works in the museum but I very vaguely remember them. This is for a number of reasons.

First off I was trying to do too much while I was there in Italy and was exhausted. Two, this statue, that Michelangelo carved from a flawed block of marble to make a point, is wonderfully detailed. My friend and I just stared, almost expecting the stone chest to move and draw in a breath.


When you do go to this museum, buy your tickets in advance. The line to but tickets can wrap around the building. There will also probably be a line for pre-purchased tickets but it will be much shorter. You can get through this gallery in a short afternoon but if you want a chance to look in peace without too many crowds, go in the morning.

If you have visited this gallery, I’d love to know what you thought of it. Happy Travels!

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