Weekend Wanderings: International Motorcycle Show


Happy Tuesday everyone! The title of this blog post may surprise you. I’m not really a motorcycle person. This is in part because I didn’t grow up knowing anyone that rode and because my own lack of coordination has made me wary of anything on two wheels. Seriously, I managed to wreck a 4-wheeler and that left enough of a scar but also a great story. Anyway, my boyfriend enjoys motorcycles.

Keltin grew up around them. His parents go on trips on the motorcycle and I’ve ridden along very briefly. He wanted to go to the show at the Dallas convention center. The motorcycle show was a good time. One of the booths had a motorcycle hooked up to a VR headset. You got to pick which road to take. The other people in line got to watch you ride.

There were a number of motorcycle brands represented. Some, like Harley-Davidson, were represented by local stores while others were represented by corporate, like BMW and Honda. Keltin looked at the Indian motorcycles, he likes the Scout.

There were a ton of vendors there selling various gear such as jackets, boots, and helmets. All the things needed to keep a rider safe on the road. One of my favorite things about the show was the showcase of antique and custom bikes. I may not be a fan of riding them but I can appreciate the creativity.

Overall the show was fun and an enjoyable thing to do on a Saturday in Dallas. Also, to get to this convention we took the TRE. The train is so much cheaper than parking in downtown Dallas. What are your thoughts on motorcycles?

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