Foodie Friday: Homemade Vegetable Broth


Its fall and fall weather leading to winter calls for warm soups and stews that heat you down to your toes. Many of those recipes call for broth to give flavor, so why not make your own? This recipe is great because it is made from vegetable scraps.


  1. As you cook and peel vegetables over the course of a couple of months save the peels and stems from fresh herbs. These all go into a gallon bag in the freezer.
  2. Stuff to save: carrot peels, potato peels, onion and garlic peels, the stems from fresh herbs.
  3. Once the gallon bag is full, dump it all into a big pot, fill  with water and simmer for a couple of hours, string occasionally.
  4. Once the mix has had time to finish simmering put a large bowl in your sink and put a strainer in the bowl. Pour the whole mix into the strainer and strain out the vegetable peels. The peels can be tossed.
  5. The broth can be used right away, saved in jars or frozen. Personally I love freezing stuff like this in ice cube trays.

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