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Road Tripping Fly Over States

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On our recent trip to Kansas and on our various little day trips we did a lot of driving. More driving than I would have been comfortable with at one time. That has slowly  changed over time but I’m still not the biggest fan.

One of the things that makes long drives enjoyable is the landscapes. Yes, a lot of the land that we drove over to Kansas through Oklahoma and from Johnson City to Capulin Volcano is considered “flat” but its really not. On many of these drives we would come across surprise ravines in the road. Surprisingly steep and sudden alterations in the topography. These little changes cannot be see at a distance, they only show themselves when you come across them. Another pretty sky

When we visited the Santa Fe Trail Tracks, yes the land is fairly flat but there is movement to the land. Low waves frozen in time and covered with grasses so long that the low waves can no longer be seen. Go Laci

A beautiful landscape that inspires with its vastness. This is a landscape where you can see for miles. A landscape where purple mountains grow larger along the horizon for more miles than seems reasonable. The windmill

Also, if you haven’t visited Eastern Colorado, know that it just as flat as Kansas but more on that next week. The Sky is pretty

What do you think of these fly over states? The Stump

Thank you Keltin for the use of your wonderful pictures, I could not have done this without them. Signature 1InstagramFacebookTwitterYouTube