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Writing Group: Short Story: X

We are a little past spooky season but I am a bit behind on my stories and I do love how this one turned out. Prompt: Cryptids and mythological creatures are now out in society and know to the humans. What are they doing now. If possible, try for a bit of rom-com. Crypid: [noun]

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Campfire Stories: Lake Crescent

I really enjoyed last weeks campfire story and thought I’d share some more. Trigger warning, one of the below stories does involve homicide. While visiting Lake Crescent on our honeymoon we learned the myth of Mount Storm King. Lake Crescent and Lake Sutherland were once one lake. The local tribes were at war, angered by

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Local Legends: Lake Worth’s Cryptid

October calls for spooky stories! A big part of camping is telling stories around the campfire. Some of these are made up on the spot, some are passed down through family traditions, and some are based on local legends but they all typically have one thing in common – they are creepy. Let’s gather around

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