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Olympic Peninsula Complete Guide

Visiting Olympic National Park was amazing. The country is beautiful and more than worth a visit. I could not have asked for a more amazing honeymoon location. When you visit plan a full day in most places. They are too beautiful to rush visiting, they deserved to be fully appreciated. Respect the land and leave

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Olympic Peninsula: Hiking Storm King

On the trail to see Marymere Falls you pass the turn off for the Storm King trail. The trail is a little less than two miles long (1.7 miles to be exact) but it gains about 100 feet of elevation per 1/10 of a mile. Keltin and I got a good look at the start

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Olympic Peninsula: Lake Crescent

When visiting Olympic National Park make sure to make time for Lake Crescent. I don’t mean just look out the window as you drive past it on the way to the beach or the Hoh Rainforest. Stop, look at the vibrant view of the water, read the informational signs, hike the trails. This part of

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