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Writing Group: Short Story: XXII

One of our prompts recently was that we all wrote down a wish and then drew someone else’s wish from a hat. Then in our writing we answered the wish is the worst possible way as if we were an angry djinn or forgotten wishing well. Wish Prompt: I wish I were an oscar-meyer wiener.

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Writing Group: Short Story: XV

Time for some yuletide tales! For this prompt we selected a creature from a winter holiday belief system from around the world with a very brief description. I selected the Mari Lwyd. This is a bit of Welsh mythos-tradition, the only description I was given was a horse skull draped in a cloth that requests

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Wring Group: Short Story: IX

The writing prompt for this story was an unsolved mystery. We all drew mysteries from a hat and I got the Flannan Lighthouse Mystery. Here is the short blurb: In 1900, thre lighthouse keepers disappeared from their post at the Flannan Island Lighthouse. The ship sent to relieve the men could tell something was very

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