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Paperback Perils: First Lord’s Fury

Title: First Lord’s FuryAuthor: Jim ButcherPublication Date: 2009Publishing House: Ace Books I finally finished the series! Sorry for the delay in posting this review. I joined the local library and I had to wait for my turn to listen to this audiobook. I don’t often actually go to the public library but I love using

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Paperback Perils: Cursor’s Fury

Title: Cursor’s FuryAuthor: Jim ButcherPublication Date: Publishing House: Ace Books Book three in the Codex Alera starts two years after the events of Academ’s Fury. Tavi is now finished at the academy and awaiting his time to start in the legions – a required service. While serving in an what is supposed to be an

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Paperback Perils: Furies of Calderon

Title: Furies of CalderonAuthor: Jim ButcherPublication Date: 2004Publishing House: Ace Books As you can possibly tell from this post, I enjoy reading books by Jim Butcher. Besides the Dresden Files he has written The Codex Alera and started another sort of steampunkish with ships series but we will discuss that one in another post.  The

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