Paperback Perils: First Lord’s Fury

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Title: First Lord’s Fury
Author: Jim Butcher
Publication Date: 2009
Publishing House: Ace Books

I finally finished the series! Sorry for the delay in posting this review. I joined the local library and I had to wait for my turn to listen to this audiobook. I don’t often actually go to the public library but I love using their app for audio and ebooks.

First Lord’s Fury is the final book in the Codex Alera series. And as far as series endings go this one makes me happy. This book starts about five months after the events of Princeps’ Fury. The survivors of the battle of Alera Imperia have regrouped and fortified the city of Riva while Princep Octavian is on his way back to Alera with the survivors of Canea.

Butcher final book is not just about survival. If this war is lost then all of the unique races of Carna will be wiped out and be forgotten. This book is about what leaders are willing to sacrifice to win from every man in their legions to their very lives.

After all is said and done this book ends with rebuilding. How to build for a future that will not fall victim to the same issues that caused the pre-war Alera to be vulnerable to enemies. Along with conquering internal disagreement because in the past they had “never done things that way before.”

This book and this series are well done. Butcher looks at real issues in a fantasy setting. We follow as these characters overcome seemingly insurmountable odds. And how understanding an enemy can turn some of them to allies and help you find a way to defeat other.

I suggest this book for fans of Jim Butcher, for fans of fantasy and magic, and for those who like well built worlds. Happy reading.