Paperback Perils: Cursor’s Fury

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Title: Cursor’s Fury
Author: Jim Butcher
Publication Date:
Publishing House: Ace Books

Book three in the Codex Alera starts two years after the events of Academ’s Fury. Tavi is now finished at the academy and awaiting his time to start in the legions – a required service. While serving in an what is supposed to be an out of the way legion disaster strikes and leadership is thrust upon Tavi.

This book is a turning point in the series because while in the other two books Tavi did what he thought was best but he was primarily working alone or with a couple others. Yes, his actions impacted others but it was in a broad and general sense. In this book he is directing men in battle and his actions and decisions direct their lives.

I feel that this book does a good job of showing how good leadership and working in a coordinated effort can beat seemingly insurmountable odds. Tavi and the First Aleran Legion are out numbered but they manage to change the game by thinking things through and working smarter.

This portion of the series also delves into what it means to do your duty. Tavi is a cursor for the crown but at this moment he is also a captain. Does he stay and fight side-by-side with his men or does he take his gathered intelligence back to the First Lord? Part if my love of this series is that it puts fairly complex social, political, and personal issues into a fantasy realm that allows the author to really delve into them. The story is fiction but the issues are real and the reader can relate to them. Or hopefully at least get a better understanding of complex issues.

Recommend for those that love fantasy, good world building, underdogs and good leadership. I listened to this as an audiobook from my local library. Joining the library has been great and saved me so much money.

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