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Paperback Perils: Captain’s Fury

Title: Captain’s FuryAuthor: Jim ButcherPublication Date: 2007Publishing House: Ace Books Captain’s Fury is book four of the Codex Alera series. I also listened to this book on digital audiobook from my local library. Don’t get me wrong I love owning my own books but it does save a good bit of money to get them

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Paperback Perils: Cursor’s Fury

Title: Cursor’s FuryAuthor: Jim ButcherPublication Date: Publishing House: Ace Books Book three in the Codex Alera starts two years after the events of Academ’s Fury. Tavi is now finished at the academy and awaiting his time to start in the legions – a required service. While serving in an what is supposed to be an

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Paperback Perils: Red Queen

Title: Red QueenAuthor: Victoria AveyardPublication Date: 2015Publishing House: HarperTeen My youngest sister and I read similar things and she has been after me to read Red Queen for a while now. Her copy has been sitting on shelf for a while now. Well I finally took it off the shelf and its a pretty good

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