Brazos Valley Getaway


For this trip we stayed with Getaway Cabin. This is actually our second Getaway stay. The first was in 2020 and we visited their Texas Hill Country Outpost. We arrived at out cabin after a few hours of driving and a stop in at Wildflyer Mead Co. It was a perfect early April evening, a little cool. Being that we were nearing the coast it was also a little humid but nothing too crazy.

This cabin had two beds, the cabin would be tight for four people but at least they would all sleep comfortably. We visited on a perfect weekend to sleep with the windows open to take advantage of the cool breeze and nature’s lullaby of wind in the trees and crickets chirping. From the comfort of the bed I saw deer grazing in the field near our cabin, a multitude of squirrels, birds sang to us all day but my favorite part was spying two foxes trotting through camp early one morning.

The evening we arrived there were a bunch of ashes in the firepit still. One text and fifteen minutes later we had a friendly Getaway employee at our camp cleaning out the firepit. Other than that, our cabin site was great. I really liked that they had switched the small single use shampoo and conditioner bottles to the larger pump ones that could be refilled. This outpost doesn’t have quite as many attractions around as the Hill Country Outpost but that is okay. This outpost is beautiful and shaded by tall conifer trees that allow for wonderful relaxation in the shade.

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  1. Wow Laci, your Getaway looks fabulous. That cabin seems perfect for a short break and you can;t beat a bit of bbq can you? A clean one of course!

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