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A Birthday and an Art Festival

Life has been busy recently and has taken time away from writing. I turned 30 over the weekend. It is kind of surreal, I do and I don’t feel older. In one way it is just another day but it is also a milestone that we have culturally attached importance to. As I worked on

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Dallas Wine, Bites, and City Lights Tour

Recently Keltin and I had a wonderful date night on a Dallas by Chocolate tour. This is actually our second tour with this company, the first being before I started McGee Travel Tales. These tours are a ton of fun and a great way to sample new places in Dallas, without having to worry about

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Weekend Wandering: Dinosaurs and Pencils

This is not a fashion blog but I had to share my new nerdy dress. My friend was in town and we were exploring the local boutiques when I came across this dinosaur print dress. Later that day we headed down to Deep Ellum in Dallas to visit Archer Paper Goods. They carry pencils (along

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