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The first thing that you seen when flying into the Seattle-Tacoma Airport is Mount Rainier. Standing at 14,410 feet above sea level, even on a cloudy day the peak can be seen from the air. On a clear day the massive mountain glowers over Seattle even though the city is a couple of hours drive north of the national park. This mass of stone and ice is the most notable feature of the Cascade Range – and it makes me want to start playing The Song of the Lonely Mountain every time I see it.

After leaving the airport we headed to Pike Place Market to pick up part of my little sister’s graduation gift. She loves Cherry Bings and Seattle is the best place to get them. It was a beautiful day and the market was defiantly busier than it was when we visited in October. If I lived in Seattle I would defiantly do most of my grocery shopping at the market – the variety is fantastic and look at how bright those flowers are!

Keltin and I love stationary and on a whim we looked up a local stationary store and found Pike Street Press within walking distance from Pike Place Market. Beware, there are a lot of stairs on the way down to the shop. We picked up some awesome Father’s Day cards and post cards to send to family back home. Sending post cards is a great and inexpensive way to let people know you are thinking of them.

From the Pike Street Press we headed to pick up lunch at a fantastic café on the University of Washington campus. That one deservers more attention though, I’ll write about it Friday. After a wonderful lunch we headed over to Gas Works Park. This park was once a gas plant that supplied power to Seattle up until 1956 located on the shores of Lake Union. The city purchased the land and turned it into a park. They left some of the old equipment and it adds an interesting vibe to be verdant lawn on the edge of the water.

Busy bees at Gas Works Park.

The park is free to get into and the people watching is great. We saw a ton of kayakers and paddle boarders on the lake along with a float plane and a steam powered hot-tub boat. Yes, you read that correctly. We could see the smoke and smell it from the park. Relaxing at the park was a great way to end our day in Seattle before heading south towards Mount Rainier.

Steam powered hot tub anyone?

Check out my short video below for a quick tour of this beautiful city!

What do you think of Seattle? Where is your favorite place in the city to visit? Let me know in the comments! Safe travels.

Past Seattle Adventures:

Thank you KW Photography for allowing me to use your wonderful photos!

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11 comments on “Pacific Northwest: Seattle”

  1. I love your video!! I’m so glad you enjoyed our fair city and got to see it under blue skies.. I worked downtown for many years and loved walking to the Pike Place Market and along the waterfront during lunch hour. 😊

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      1. He loves the trolley system and the buses and the attempt at a monorail. He is an adorable public transit nerd. The ferry system is great! We took a ferry when we visited in October 2020.

        I want to get up there again and take that road trip around North Cascades NP and visit Orca island, there is a pottery shop there that produces some beautiful work.

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