Olympic Peninsula: Pike Place Market, Seattle


We landed in Seattle around breakfast time, Keltin and I were both starving. We decided to head straight from the airport to Pike Place Market. I love farmer’s markets and this one is by far my favorite so far. There were so many beautiful flowers and I was so distracted by them that I didn’t take a single picture. After for exploring long enough to find out what was open we decided to get food where our noses told us to and that was Beechers, Handmade Cheese.

Keltin had the grilled cheese and I had some super tasty mac and cheese along with some herbed pretzel bread. Hot food on a cold morning is the best! Now that we were no longer distracted by hunger it was time to properly explore the market.

In addition to the flowers I’ve never seen more sea food in my entire life! If I lived in Seattle I’d be at the market all the time buying fresh fish and produce along with fresh flowers. If you explore down a level there are a variety of shops from used book stores to candy stores, a magic shop, a variety of specialty shops, restaurants, and even a place where a lady sold prints of her watercolor paintings!

People were really good about wearing their masks and many vendors would not allow customers to touch their products or if they did your hands had to be sanitized first. We did our best to touch as little as possible while exploring.

Have you ever been to Pike Place Market? If so, what was your favorite thing? Save travels!

Thank you KW Photography for allowing me to use your wonderful photo!

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  1. Welcome to my world! The Public Market is a treasure. I worked in downtown Seattle for many years and loved walking to the market just to enjoy the sights and sounds. I assume you got to see the flying fish? 🙂

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  2. Great photos… I’m missing Seattle now. Love Pike Place Market! Did you see how many Starbucks stores they have so close together?? LOL. The first one they opened is there by the market. Are you taking Ferry to Bainbridge Island? That’s really nice to do too.

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