Olympic Peninsula: a Ferry, a Troll, and a Chandelier


The title feels like a fairy tale and in a way it was. On the way too our cabin and Port Angeles we took a long detour and visited Olympia. On the way back we took the ferry from Bainbridge Island to Seattle. The ferry can be taken as a pedestrian, with a bike or in a car. The front of the ferry is windy and cold but the pictures were worth it. Keltin and I totally looked like the tourists we were.

The ferry drops you on just a couple of blocks from Pike Place Market. And from there we took the 99 toll tunnel to visit the Fremont Troll. The troll is an sculpture under the Fremont Bridge. It is in a residential area and parking can be a bit difficult. You don’t realize how large this troll is until you stand next to it and feel dwarfed but the size of this sculpture.

Look how tiny I am next to the troll!

After exploring the troll we decided to head back to the Pike’s Market to explore the area a bit more. So much good food! We found a spice shop a little bit of a walk from the market and I found my new favorite tea: genmaicha.

We left Seattle on Halloween and happened across this fantastic costume! The wonderful lady wearing it was happy to pose and show it off a bit.

Our last stop before heading to the airport and home was a visit to Seahurst Park. We wanted one last view of the sound and a breath of fresh air before having to wear our masks for the next several hours.

Seattle is beautiful and there are so many place in the city and in the surrounding National Parks that I want to see. Time to plan a trip back. What is your favorite thing to do in Seattle or favorite place to eat in the city? Let me know in the comments! Travel safe.

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Thank you KW Photography for allowing me to use your wonderful photos!

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      1. Oh my goodness, sooo many. It totally depends what you’re in the mood for. My favorites are:

        – Stateside has amazing dinner with hand craft cocktails.
        – 8oz Burgers are my favorite splurge burger. (They have bacon Mayo!)
        – Plum Bistro is hands down the best vegan food I’ve ever had in my whole life.

        I feel like I need to write a post about this now. 😳 Haha! It’s so hard to choose!!

        xo Alli | http://www.onthetripside.com

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