Olympic Peninsula: Gum Wall and the Space Needle


A couple months before our honeymoon we came across a list of over hyped attractions in each state and the one for Washington was the Gum Wall located at Pike Place Market, so of course we had to go see it. Here is the thing, this is not just a Gum Wall, no this is a gum alleyway. And it is disgusting and fascinating as it sound. We did not add to it but we did take pictures in front of one of the walls!

We said goodbye to the Gum Wall and Pike’s Market before heading to one of Seattle’s other iconic landmarks: the Space Needle. Now with Covid worries we did not go up to the observation platform of the Space Needle, that would have put us closer than we really wanted to be to strangers. We did wander the grounds and see some wonderful street performers!

In addition to the “statue” above there were a couple musicians. They sounded really good and helped to brighten up the gray and breezy day. Hopefully, the next time we are in Seattle we will feel comfortable going up to the top of the Needle to check out the view.

Have you ever seen the Gum Wall or been up in the Space Needle? Tell me your favorite things about Seattle in the comments. Safe Travels!

Thank you KW Photography for allowing me to use your wonderful photos!

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  1. I couldn’t have said it better about the gum wall. Gross and fascinating! I went to college near Seattle and spent some time in the city. I really liked Gasworks Park… it’s a great photo spot! Alki Beach is pretty too. And Pikes Place of course 😊

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  2. I love the Space Needle as the backdrop to our beautiful city but have only been to the top a few times. As far as the gum wall goes, the idea is so disgusting but I finally went to see it. Once was enough!

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