Olympic Peninsula: Olympia


After leaving Seattle we still had some time to kill before we could check-in to our Airbnb and we decided to take quite a detour and drive down to Olympia to see the capital. The drive was beautiful. In Texas the trees do change color but we don’t get nearly as many colors: reds in all the shades from pink to crimson and all the shades of gold. In Washington the brilliant leaves on the deciduous trees stood out in bright contrast to the deep green of the magnificent conifer trees.

Once we made it to Olympia, we decided to wander the grounds of the capitol. We couldn’t go in but the buildings and grounds were beautiful. From the capitol campus we ended up finding the trail from the grounds to Heritage Park on the shores of Capitol Lake.

The back of the capitol building.

To get from the capitol hill to the park there is a trail of switchbacks down to the shores of the lake. Heritage Park is a popular one and there were quite a few people out enjoying the cloudy day.

From the top of Heritage Park Trail overlooking downtown Olympia.

This was a short but fun little excursion to the Washington state capitol, there was plenty for us to see and enjoy! Have you ever been to Olympia? If so, any must visit places for us to see next time we are in the area? Have a great weekend and safe travels!

Thank you KW Photography for allowing me to use your wonderful photos!

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