Paperback Perils: Gods of Jade and Shadow


Title: Gods of Jade and Shadow
Author: Silvia Moreno-Garcia
Publication Date: 2019
Publishing House: Del Rey

Over the past couple of years I have done my best to read books located in and written by people of different cultures. This is a way to expand what I read and expand my knowledge of the cultures and the regional mythology. This book is actually an extra book that I got from Book of the Month. It has been great at helping my to expand my reading.

Goodreads Synopsis

The Mayan god of death sends a young woman on a harrowing, life-changing journey in this one-of-a-kind fairy tale inspired by Mexican folklore.

The Jazz Age is in full swing, but Casiopea Tun is too busy cleaning the floors of her wealthy grandfather’s house to listen to any fast tunes. Nevertheless, she dreams of a life far from her dusty small town in southern Mexico. A life she can call her own.

Yet this new life seems as distant as the stars, until the day she finds a curious wooden box in her grandfather’s room. She opens it—and accidentally frees the spirit of the Mayan god of death, who requests her help in recovering his throne from his treacherous brother. Failure will mean Casiopea’s demise, but success could make her dreams come true.

In the company of the strangely alluring god and armed with her wits, Casiopea begins an adventure that will take her on a cross-country odyssey from the jungles of Yucatán to the bright lights of Mexico City—and deep into the darkness of the Mayan underworld.

Casiopea feels that she was born under a bad star. She is treated as a second class citizen in her own home because her mother married for love to someone that was not approved by the family. She is a keeper of secret dream and keeps them tucked away so they are not crushed by her cruel family. This book is about family, promises, revenge, dedication, and forgiveness.

In her journey across Mexico with the dethroned Mayan Lord of Xibalba. Casiopea finds her mettle. She discovers what she is capable of and what she is willing to sacrifice to do what is right, if not for herself but for the untold others that would suffer should she fail.

In the end this book is about is about forgiveness. Finding what is important and letting go of the anger that is not worth holding on to. I suggest this book to fans of fantasy, for fans of mythology, and for those who appreciate characters that follow through despite the world being against them. Happy reading!

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  1. I like books from different cultures too. My friend just told me about “The Medusa Amulet,” part of it takes place in Florence where my relatives live. Sounds a bit like “The DaVinci Code,” maybe. Just found it at the library. Your book sounds good too.

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