To Reread or Not to Reread


To be up front about it I love to reread to books or relisten if I can find them as an audio book. I know there are many readers out there that don’t reread books and there is nothing wrong with that. There are so many books and there is so little time. I will admit too that my to-read-shelf is always growing and sometimes intimidating. Although I did manage to put a dent in it this year… before buying more books.

If my to-read-list is so massive, why do I reread then? The long and short of it is: I enjoy walking down the familiar paths of those stories. Stories that influenced the person that I have become and I enjoy finding the details that I missed on my first read through. Also, when I read stories at different ages I see them differently and learn different things.

For example I am listening to the audiobook version of Eldest. Note, I love audiobooks for the daily commute, not sure when I last used the radio. The books are mainly about Eragon and Saphira but I really love Roran’s story line. He has no magic to help him, no powerful friends, no dragon. All Roran has are his wits, the strength of his arms, and his drive. With the way this year has been it is important to remember and see represented in literature, even in fantasy, someone doing amazing things without being the chosen one. They do what they have to to survive and they thrive.

Here are my go to rereads:

What are your thoughts on rereading books? Do you have any go to books or series for those days wen you are craving a familiar story? Let me know in the comments, I look forward to them! Happy reading.

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4 comments on “To Reread or Not to Reread”

  1. I’ve read TC Boyle’s East is East at least five times, the Conan tales of Robert E. Howard probably a dozen times, Mickey Spillane’s Black Alley and One Lonely Night three times. And then there’s Hemingway …

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  2. A feeling of going back to that old stories that made you think, laugh,cry, etc.
    Recently, I reread Around the world in Eighty days, Black beauty, Little Women. A lot of emotions swirling around. At the end, a fantastic voyage from ocean to the life in Victorian era.

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  3. Love to reread books perhaps more than trying new ones. It feels like an old friend and you can sometimes enjoy the story more as you don’t have to page-turn too much and look ahead.

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