Paperback Perils: The Dresden Files: Brief Cases

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 Title: The Dresden Files: Brief Cases

Author: Jim Butcher

Publication Date: 2018

Publishing House: ACE

One of my favorite authors is Jim Butcher. He has written the Dresden Files, Codex Alera, and The Cinder Spires; yes, I have read all of them. His most recent book is part of the Dresden Files without being the next book it the series. Brief Cases is a collection of short stories from the Dresden File universe.

Butcher writes all his stories from the first person point of view and his short story collections are fun because the reader gets to experience this Urban Fantasy word from the point of view of other characters besides the wizard Harry Dresden.

If you are a fan of the series then you will be happy to know that this book includes stories from the point of view of Anastasia Luccio, Molly Carpenter, and Waldo Butters, along with of course Harry.

My favorite stories in the book were actually one of Molly’s and Butters’. Cold Case is Molly’s first job on her own with her new powers. And it is not a happy story. I think that is why I like it so much. Harry’s stories, even with all the explosions and pain, tend to end on a good note if not necessarily happy. Molly is no longer in a good world and it is good to see that reflected in the cannon of the story.

Day One is also the first real test of Waldo Butters. Wow, I like origin stories. He doesn’t have new abilities perse but he has been training to properly wield the responsibility that he has been given. This is his first test to see if his work has paid off. Part of the reason that I like this story so much is because at one point in the Dresden Files Butters would have been to scared to move or act but he has developed into this character that still feels fear but does not allow that fear to be the guiding force.

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Let me know your favorite short story collects and have a great Monday.