Campfire Breakfast


Earlier this year Keltin and I made camp donuts at home on the stove. They turned out great and it was a ton of fun so on this last camping trip we decided to try making them over the fire.

This batch we coated in cinnamon-sugar but you can also use powdered sugar. We paired our donuts with coffee and crispy bacon. Nothing is better on a cool morning than hot coffee.

I like the flavor of the Kuju Coffee but its not quite strong enough and it doesn’t make enough. Granted, I’m a two cup of coffee drinker. Next time I think we go back to using the percolator for our camp coffee.

Ready to eat campfire donuts!

The second morning for breakfast we had what were supposed to be chocolate chip pancakes but they didn’t look like pancakes and were kind of a mess. The flavor was good but I didn’t take a picture. I would call most of the cooking this weekend a success. What is your favorite camp breakfast? Let me know in the comments. Happy travels!

Get the camp donut recipe here! Campfire Cooking in a Dutch Oven.

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