Campfire Cooking


Nothing taste better than food around a campfire and I don’t to cook around one very often so I had a good time trying out my skills on this last camping trip. I decided to cook in my dutch oven over hot coals – Cornish game hens and wild rice. A simple and tasty meal full of flavor.

When packing for this trip I grabbed everything – except the seasoning for the Cornish hens. Thank goodness the park store had some seasonings – not a big selection but enough for my needs! The trick with this recipe is the amount of water and the heat of the fire. You only need about half the amount of water and make sure there are hot coals both under and on the lid of the dutch over. Dutch ovens with legs work better than those without – the slight rise allows for better air flow.

After dinner we roasted s’mores over the fire. The store only had extra-large marshmallows and you can get two s’mores out of them easily. The real question is how do you like your marshmallows toasted? Keltin prefers his slightly burnt where I prefer mine toasted to a golden brown – I end up setting a lot of marshmallows on fire trying to get them toasted right.

Keltin made a delicious breakfast and coffee on the fire in a percolator.

Have you ever cooked over a campfire before? How did things turn out? Happy Friday!


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